Canvas Awnings are a stylish and effective way to reduce the heat transferred to your home through your windows. They not only reduce the need for other cooling methods, but protect your valuable furnishings and carpet from damage caused by the suns powerful rays.
Our canvas awnings are custom made to suit your requirements.
Materials available include modern daylong, green-backed traditional canvas, and shademesh see through styles. We offer an extensive range of colors and patterns to compliment your home.
To protect your awnings, we also manufacture head boxes in a large range of colors to match your guttering and external decor. Stainless steel component is also available for weather exposure areas.

More than ever domestic homes and commercial venues are enjoying the benefits of extended outdoor living by eliminating many of the normal concerns about our sometimes unpredictable weather by installing our custom made PVC Patio Blinds.

PVC blinds will minimise the natural elements of rain, wind & dust so as you can utilise your outdoor alfresco area for more than just the warmer months of the year.
Our PVC Blinds are made using either a clear or tinted 1mm thick or .75mm  PVC that has been UV stabilised for extra strength, functionality and life span. The PVC used in our blinds is of the highest grade and can even offer up to 70% UV protection.
PVC blinds are very versatile and offer the flexibility of being either up or down depending on the present environment.

Panel Blinds come with fitted side channels that guide the blind from top to bottom.

Panel Blinds
Panel Blinds add another living area to your home, for all year round entertaining.
Available in Mesh, Acrylic, Clear & Tinted PVC.
Available in motorised or geared, with a choice of 2 hooding styles plus a large range of colours.
Folding Arm Awnings
Shade when you need it, sun when you want it.
The sleek and simple and stylish design and range of fabrics makes the folding arm awning a sophisticated and functional shade solution for any outdoor area, be it a deck, balcony, terrace or shop front. Designed to be easy to use and functional, you have the option of manually using your awnings by attaching a handle that can be turned easily or you can choose to have your awning fully motorized and remote controlled.
Auto Roll-up Awnings
Style… Protection… Cooling…
Auto roll-up awnings are the most practical solution to keeping the sun and heat off your windows. Fully adjustable, they can be rolled up or down to suit your shading requirements. Fabric awnings reduce the total heat load on and in your home. Available in modern and up to date color ranges, canvas awnings are an attractive feature that will compliment the exterior roofing, walling, guttering and decor of your home.
Our awnings provide outstanding durability and anti corrosion performance with quality steel tubing and components ensuring a long-life for your awnings.
Motorized Options
Many of our awnings and blinds are available with a motorized option. Not only is motorization convenient, its simple to use.
Installing a motorized option is ideal in situations where there are hard to reach window coverings perhaps if they’re installed at a high level or behind furniture.
Motorized and automatic blinds and awnings can be incorporated and will minimize energy usage for heating and cooling.
We offer automation systems for both interior and exterior or residential and commercial applications.

Automation systems can be applied to select types of:
Roller shutters & grilles
External sun screens


Indoor Blinds are supplied by Roman Blinds. Of all the features of a home, it’s the window furnishings that have the greatest impact when it comes to transforming a blank room into a cosy, homey space. The choices are endless, from sleek, simple roman blinds created to blend in with the room to detailed billowing dressings that set the tone for the entire space. The designs, patterns and fixtures available mean you can create a unique look that perfectly suits you and your family – and the help of an expert can make these decisions an enjoyable process.